26 August 2012

5 months old (22 weeks)

Silly baby boy. 5 months old. Tuesday 21 August  2012.

Waiting for Daddy at the gym. Practicing sitting and taking the paci out and putting it back in. Wed 22 Aug 2012.

Sweet napping. Thursday 23 August 2012.

21 weeks old

These photos are from last week on August 17, 2012. Some afternoons, for my snack, I like to eat raw carrots with lots of hummus. A couple weeks ago, Eliad and I figured out that a cold raw carrot provides good entertainment for him, for long enough for me to peacefully eat mine.

Eliad is getting pretty good at sitting up by himself. He can't get into that position by himself from lying down yet, but if we help him sit up, he can stay that way for a couple minutes. I'll post some photos of that soon, but for now, here he is in a high chair. He plays with toys while we eat.

I think this is all pretty good practice for when he starts eating solid food. We'll try it for the first time in a few weeks; after he's 6 months old.