28 May 2014

CSA week 2 (may 21-27)

Last week's produce was two different kinds of kale (I think they're red Russian and dino), more rainbow Swiss chard, bibb lettuce, cauliflower, and baby vidalia onions. 

Here are our meals and snacks that used these delicious veggies. 

Thursday supper:

Baked potatoes with olive oil, salt, pepper, cheddar cheese, ham, and vidalia onion greens. I also covered my potato with whole plain yogurt after I took the photo.

Friday supper: 

Veggie tacos with salsa and cheese wrapped with bibb lettuce leaves. Spinach and cauliflower salad. The taco filling was chickpeas with a little leftover chopped carrots and bell pepper from the yogurt dip from the week before-- I accidentally chopped too much so I saved it, knowing I could find somewhere to use it. These tacos were perfect for it. Herbs and spices included fresh garlic, onion, and cilantro, and dried cumin and chili powder. And probably black pepper and salt. 

Saturday supper:

Homemade pesto pizza (#1). Trader joes whole wheat crust, with Swiss chard and kale pesto, home roasted red peppers, olives, vidalia onion-- root and greens, spinach, and mozzarella and Parmesan cheese. The photo is before I added the spinach and cheeses because I wanted to show off the pretty pesto and peppers. 

I did make another big batch of pesto with pecans instead of sunflower seeds this time. I think I like it better with pecans. I froze half in cubes. And there was still some leftover for later in the week. 

Tuesday supper:

Homemade pesto pizza (#2) with cauliflower crust. I used this cauliflower cheese stick recipe for the crust, Swiss chard and kale pesto, home roasted red peppers, vidalia onion, spinach, and cheeses. 

Snacks and others:

Kale chips! I used the dino kale and this crunchy kale chips recipe. The toddler and I are both enjoying them. 

I also steamed and chopped the rest of the red kale and froze in cubes for smoothies. No coconut cream this time. 

We have lettuce leftover again this week. I think we're going to need a big salad for supper soon. 

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